Tomica Hyper Rescue: Drive Head is a Japanese anime series. It started airing in April 2017 at 7:00 AM (JST) on TBS, and finished airing December 23, 2017. It was followed by an ONA and movie, both of which directly continue the story. It is unrelated to Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire, deriving much more from the Tomica Hyper Series lore while introducing new concepts.


To respond to disasters beyond human comprehension and the increasing complexity of crime and mishaps, the mobile emergency police Hyper Rescue (an organization newly formed by the government primarily for life-saving) developed 'Drive Heads' that are specialized with police, fire-fighting, and rescue capabilities. The grade schooler Gō Kurumada and other children found to be suitable become drivers and join forces with the mobile emergency police and other adults. (Taken from Anime News Network)


The Drive Head TV anime was announced January 9, 2017. It was to be one of the first anime to air on TBS' new Anisata block, alongside PriPri Chii-chan!! and 100% Pascal-Sensei, which each ran for approximately 15 minutes in a shared timeslot right before it.

Prior to the anime, it was announced that aside from regular voice actors, it would also feature the TBS announcer Yuri Sasagawa and the comedy duo Trendy Angel doing voice work.


  • Drive Head, as well as its successor series Shinkalion, are sometimes considered spiritual successors to the Brave Series. This is because they are based on a Takara Tomy-owned toyline, and feature vehicles which transform into robots, along with young children as the heroes. The main difference is that the robots in the Brave Series were sentient, while Drive Head and Shinkalion simply involve kids piloting robots.


  • The show was produced to advertise Takara Tomy's Tomica line of toy cars. It was the first TV anime made to promote the line. There was a previous CG web series called "Tomica Hyper Series: NEXT STAGE" released in 2016, which features the same Drive Head robots but is otherwise unrelated.
  • Despite Drive Head's unusual episode count, it was planned from the start to be only a 37 episode series. Drive Head was created as a placeholder while Takara Tomy's next work, Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Animation was in production. Because of the show and toyline's popularity, it was extended to receive a web series and movie as well.


The Mobile Rescue Police:

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Main cast

Supporting cast


  • Director: Takao Kato
  • Series Composition: Kenichi Araki
  • Music: Yoshihisa Hirano
  • Character Design: Takumo Norita
  • Art Director: Naoki Aoyama
  • Mechanical Design: Takahiro Yamada
  • Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
  • CGI Director: Dai Seo
  • Director of Photography: Hayao Arimura





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