Nice that we finally have one. But since it requires a yes or no answer and I’m a super verbose person with mixed feeling on the matter, I thought I’d make a blog post.

Theoretically, “Tomica” is not dead. The actual die-cast toy line long predates Drive Head and the two Toku works, and will likely continue perpetually. TBH, I don’t know a lot about the history of Tomica, but it seems to be the equivalent of Hot Wheels or Matchbox in Japan. Constantly releasing different toy cars, often as tie-ins to other franchises such as Disney, and some of them are pricey collectible items.

But, do I want more Drive Head? Yes and no. I find the toys to be super fun, and I would love to buy more. The way they’re all interchangeable with each other allows for so much creativity. I mainly just collect them to display, but sometimes I like to just pick one up and switch it between car form and Walker Vehicle form, because they’re so cool. And I know if I had these when I was a kid, I would have worn them out to death.

However, I’d rather the anime stay dead. There’s all sorts of talk and speculation about a season 2 (even though Shinkalion sells way better for Takara, and Xebec went bankrupt) but plot wise, what can they really do? The Evil AI is dead and Karigari is more-or-less an ally (albeit a tsundere one), so where’s the opposition? I like the show, and I hate when shows I enjoy are ruined by bad sequels. And sequels tend to be bad. A new movie might be nice, maybe even a short OVA. But I’d be really cautious about a sequel. At best, it would just be more filler vs random disasters. At worst, complete derailment. So yeah, I’m negative about the prospect of more anime, unless it’s a full reboot.